Lucky Chair Heaven....!! What a Day!

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On January 2, 2009 0 comments

Hey..1st post of the year, have a great 2009 everyone,
What a year 2008 was huh! but new year , new beginnings...
so firstly 2nd Jan is My RL/SL sisters birthday
so I wanna say a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sis Crestfallen,
Love you so much babe, hope you have a great birthday.
here we are..... (Crest has the black hair, I have the red hair)

Click to enlarge

Outfits from PixelDolls
Chains from Magika
Darks Hair By Magika-Lime
Crests Hair By DarkerSide-Linked
Lashes By DarkerSide-Lush

So normally I NEVER ever get my letter on a lucky chair, BUT today every store I visited today had a great big D on it!! woohoo Heaven!
So here are my wins

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First is this fab winter skin from {Frick}
Beautiful swirly patterns over the eyes, and icy blue lips,it comes in 4 shades, the one I'm wearing is Peaches

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Then I whoooshed over to Beautiful Sin Silks, and yup a big old D on the chair, I won this fab rose prim silk top with a sexy matching skirt, so wintery and wonderful, and I think the {Frick} Skin looks awesome with it

Hair by HCT-Lavonne
Lashes by Me

Then I hoofed it over to Sn@tch and won 2 dresses

Click to Enlarge

Little China Girl by Sn@tch (in 3 colors)
Hair By Magika-Rose
Skin By Bazy

Click to Enlarge

Death Flowers By Sn@tch in Black and White
Hair By Magika-Zoey
Skin by Bazy

AND THE SKIN!! 1 linden, yes 1 linden from Bazy,
It is such a beautiful present for such a low price, here is a closeup!
Lashes by Me!

Click to Enlarge

Wait...that's not all, there was a D on a chair in Crimson Shadow

Click to Enlarge

This outfit is worth 350ls! and it was been given away! TP your butts on over and get it

Skin By Bazy ^^ the freebie from above
Hair By HCT - Lavonne

So what a great start to the year! 2 days in and a truckload of pressies, what a great day for me as well as my sister.
Happy Birthday Again sweetie
Luv ya


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