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Posted by Darkandiel Bury On January 31, 2009 0 comments

Hullo ya'll!!
I saw this pool on Flickr
and though I give a try !!!....buuut cos I have sooooo many skins (over 300 I dare guess) I decided to split it into this first posting is the skins I got got for free or 1l!!

Click on the pic to view bigger picture

so here is the run down of where I got them!

Row 1
Bazy, Laqroki,*CBW*, Beabe, Tuli
Row 2
Deviant Kitties, Frick, 42, Meave, BlueBlood
Row 3
Rockberry, Skinsane, 42, Ti'ko, Whimsey

Hair & Lashes by DarkerSide

sorry I dont have links for ya, Apart from my own (shameless self promoition huh) so instead just type the store into your search bar you are sure to find it then

have fun and post me your replys....


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