new dollabie hair

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vintage stle loose pincurls, with a big flower on the side, the flower colorchanges to match your outfit...

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Vive 9 Goodies!

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hey gang, sorry I havent posted in a while, a releative of mine lost her battle with cancer on thursday, and have been too sad to blog. but I logged in today for a while and found that Vive9 have a shed load of goodies for free, so I had to show you!!

1st up the clothing!!

All of which come in many different colors, im just showing you a small selection here. Click on the picture to see it bigger!

the shoes are an easter gift from Baby Monkey, they are amazing, you can change the shoe color and the trim color to any color you like, fully customizable!
the skin is the 1st of many free skins from Vive9, this one is Dakota, lashes by DarkerSide

okay so on to the skins! there are so many skin packs to get, and so many options! hairbase or no hairbase, and many different shades of just showing you one shade, but all makeups!! Tons of pictures to follow!!

I love them all!! there is also a shape pack to pick up, and eyes, Im wearing Gem Sea Eyes in all pictures. hair is at Savior Hair from Exile.
however great it is to get freebies, its still sad when its beacause of a closing down giveaway. I love Vive9 skins, miss them terribly.


Savior Hair

Thanks for Stopping by! Darky

My Fab 50l Friday Finds!!!

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Originally posted on Shes Got The Look Blog

its Friday again, how the weeks are flying by!!

Anyway 1st up is a selection of dresses from Nomine, all 100l, a steal, not sure how long the sale will be on for, so hurry
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Poses are from LAP, as part 50l Friday, Hair is Available @ DarkerSide, in the Lucky Board
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I Love this look, the high waisted Skirt is by Ty Zvezda, the top is from the 1st dress pictured above by Nomine, the oh so fab hat is by Split Pea...I LOVE HAT, never going take off, part of 50l Friday also. Skin is Vive 9 (400l)there is huge sale going on so get a great bargain, Boots -McQueen Goth Boots by Hero's of Fashion. Love these boots, want them in RL. Hair By DarkerSide
Teleport to Ty Zvezda
Teleport to Split Pea
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Teleport to Heros Of Fashion

The Leggings are by SMS for 50l Friday, Shes by Heart & Sole, Mini Clearance Sale 75l a color, yummy! Skin and hat same as above, hair By DarkerSide
Teleport To SMS
Teleport To Heart & Sole

A little Black dress, every girl needs one, dress it up or down,plain or funky shoes, so versitile! this one is by Whippet & Buck for 50l Friday, its so friccken cute, the guitar pose is today gift from Second Stle Island, comes with 5 poses, and looks rocking!
the hat, shoes and skin same as above, Hair By DarkerSide
Teleport To Whippet & Buck
Teleport to Second Style Island

Finally this cute table is from Kookie as part of 50l Friday, love it!
Teleport to Kookie

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Madness In Store!!

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I have taken the 10l room down and put all 20 of the hair fatpacks into one box, for 10l....thats 100 hairs!!
also i have done the same with my tattoos, and a 6 pack is now 1l...
so come get yours

Taxi to DarkerSide

also new post on my Freebie/Fashion Blog She got the look, wanna see it??
Click here

thanks for stopping by, Darky

Saint Patricks Day Blessings from Ireland

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Cead mile failte romhat!
To all my customers, friends and family, have a great St. Patricks day.

Lots of love from this little Irish lassie!!
Slán agus beannacht leat, Darky

My New Post on Shes Got The Look

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WhoNose where to find good deals...??I do! and yup its more green (sorry) but green is just the thing at the moment, but Im sure you will still love the post!! everything bar one thing is FREE!!How awesome is that. I has Shoes, skins, hair, you name its here!

So the 1st outfit comes from WhoNose for 50lindens, and i think it is worth every penny, the brightness of the green and the beautiful delicate flowers on the chiffon, its amazing, but its only availible for a limited time so get it now
Teleport to WhoNose

The to die for shoes are from :::LiNe::: for FREE baby, but also for a limited time, so get the now...
Teleport to :::LiNe:::

The cute little Zombie look can be found at Rotten Toe, gross name but awesome clothis! The Skin, outfits and hair in post are a group gift, just join in store and hit the gifts on the shelf to get them, the boots are a group gift from N-Core, same deal, join the group in store and hit the gift in store! there are tons of shoes in here to get, but the boots were my fav, as they can customize to go with ANY outfit, a must have
Teleport to Rotten Toe
Telepot to N-Core

Read the rest HERE
Please hit the follow button on the blog...thank you

New Post!

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New post on my fashion/freebie blog

Shes Got The Look

here is a little preview....

Hey yall, just showing some of my finds at the RFL clothing fair, not only is this a worthwhile cause but there is also some lovely little freebies to find!
ps...the tp will bring you to the central point, so just follow the red arrow to the freebie

Click HERE for the rest.....

New post on Shes Got The look.........

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New post from my Freebie/Style Blog -

More great Paddys day things for you to collect...

LaVie have put out these fantastic avatars for 1l for male and female.. join group and buy them for 1l each...I love the face on the female, very sexy.

This Cute little dress is a freebie from Dilly Dolls, it comes with the shoes too, I Teamed it up with the 50l Paddys day Skin From Leafy and a beautiful hair from Analog Dog that I tinted to this lovely auburn shade.

Read the rest here

Paddys Day Pressie

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Hey Everyone, Just a little early Happy Patricks Day from me!
St Pats day is a very my favorite day of the year, even more than Xmas, I get to celebrate being Irish, going to the parades and fairs on in my local town.
its a cute scupltie hair topped with a little leprechaun hat , cuute! and also comes with the little shamrock for your mouth to nom on.
so as a little gifty to you I have put a dollarbie instore called Irish Lass

Beannachtai na Feile Padraig agus ta suil agam go bhfuil tu i mbarr na slainte......
(Happy Saint Patricks Day, wishing you the best health), Darky

My New Fashion Blog

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my customers have asked me tons of time about an outfit or something I have worn in my store ads and just in general!! So Ihave decided to run a fashion/freebie blog!
I will post whatever I have on in my ads here so as you can copy the look yourself.
My First post is up now, please follow me for some more goodies. so to have a look at the blog click the poster below or the link in the side

Shes Got The Look

There are some St. Patricks day freebies coming out soon from keep an eye out...Loves Darky

4 new Hairs @ DarkerSide

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4 new scupltie hairs
Baroque-choppy lock & a texture change tophat
Sleek-choppy flexi pieces, topped with a sleek bang over one eye
Playful-a sassy style, for all you sex kittens
Exhale-caught in the wind hair, perfect for models
Picture below, click on them to view larger

50l per color, 200l for a fatpack of 6 hairs, free demos, all hair is mod/copy/no trans.
also check out the new color Auburn

Just in time for St. Patricks Day
(ssshhh....Expect a Paddys day gift soon too)
Try out the free color demo pack to see if you like it!!
your taxi to the DarkerSide

store is reopened.........

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same store, same sim just 600 metres up it the air
new prices, 50l per single color and 200l for a fatpack
New DarkerSide LM

Closed, but only for a few hours...

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