Xmas Group Gift

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On December 24, 2010 0 comments

Join the darkerSide Group and check the past notices and recieve this Xmas inspired skin! FOR FREE
Merry Xmas from Darkandiel


Xmasy Goodies @ DarkerSide

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On December 19, 2010 0 comments

OMG! My RL has been crazy the last few weeks, havent blogged on Shes got the Look in over a week, and I have been trying desperatly to build new hair, and do a winter collection of skins!
but I failed! Instead I have some yummy goodies for ya

1st up is the Snow Queen Avatar, you get in this pack the winter frosty skin, the snowflake eyes, diamond lashes, shape, tiara, and an old favorite - the DarkerSide Colorchange Signuture Hair! I have had a million requests for this hair after I discontined it after Xmas last year, So I rebuilt it! all yours for 10l

Next is another skin I was working on, Candy Cane lips! so I have included a santa hat hair, with a texturechange streak, and color change hat, eyes, shape, lashes, and candy canes in the pack! all for 1l

Finally the winter gift with the exclusive blue hair is still in store for only 1l!
so come grab a bargain, and look out for a group gift coming soon

PS... all items are marked down till after Xmas!!

Get on over to DarkerSide NOW!!!

Darkandiel Bury

New @ DarkerSide

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On December 5, 2010 0 comments

New Eyes - In 10 colors

4 New Hairs

New Gift

Plus new store and Location
DarkerSide @ Bad Blood

come check it out!!


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