more xmas madness....

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25l sale till sunday 27th Dec...


Loves Darky

Another Gifty for you!!

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Come and get it....@ DarkerSide

Sneak peak @ New Hair....

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Coming Soon To DarkerSide!!!

And now for something completely different....

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hey everyone, as you do or donot know this blog started as a freebie blog, then I opened up shop myself and now it is used mainly for DarkerSide
so as a little tribute to my freebie blogging days, I went hunting and found some loverly Xmas freebies!!

One of my Fav stores in SL is PixelDolls, always beautiful stuff for very little lindens, they set out some loverly gifts today, just for Xmas

Gift 1

I love this dress, it gas soooo many options on how to wear it, there is a jacket, waistcoat and a beautiful cream long sleve top!! I love it....

Gift 2
Gift 2 is a beautiful gold dress,that can be worn as is or with this amazing bustle jacket...

seen as it is almost Santa day!! many stores are doing hunts...myself included! here are some of the FAB items i found...

the beautiful Jacket is from the The Black Canary, pay 10l for it but so worth every cent, the red dress underneath is from JE*REPUBLIC, free or 1l !! cant remeber!!

In my last post I showed you my hair from the Tarot Hunt!! here is another gift from the same hunt

I am in love with this Veil from Tarnished! it is soo fab, the chain I have on is from Cobrahive, amazing detail, and it is free in the Cobrahive group!!

The Fab Boots in all pictures are from Heart & Sole, also a group gift!
All hair is availible in my store!

so there it is, hope you enjoyed,look out for some new realises soon
Darky Out!!

The Tarot Hunt!!

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Darkerside is taking part in the Tarot hunt from Dec 7th till Jan 7th
you can join the inworld group by touching the sign outside the store,

it will be full of helpful hints, and there is also the website The Tarot Card Hunt Blog
so here is the gift you will get

it is a tophat hair, with feathers and tarot cards in the brim, it is in all 5 colors plus many streaks colors!!you will be looking for a little card like this

and my little hint is........
get enough people here to make the price go down

there is a female and a male gift, so come check it out!!

Xmas @ DarkerSide

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Hey sexy girls!!
Time for Xmas hair and other stuff!!
I have worked like a crazy woman to bring you 12 new styles, some Xmassy some not, just plain weird!!!!!!
so without futher ado here is the the new hair

An Exclusive color just for Xmas

ANNNNNNNNNND I got some pressies!!


and to top it of, a mini hunt whwere if you find all 4 candy canes, you get this beautiful IceAngel Avatar, with everything on show in picture up for grabs!!

so TP your Butts on over to DarkerSide and have a very Merry Xmas!!!

Review time!!

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Look at the review I got from Savior Hair.... Sweet
Ty so much Teagan.

New store!! new gifts!!

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yupp! as you know, or dont!! I get bored easily, and yes I got bored with the layout of the store again!!
so here is some new piccies of the new store

Front Door, taken from the top of the stairs!

The Hairs Room! now availible in 5 colors!

The Shapes Room, on second floor

and the new giftys!!

hope you stop by for a little nosy around!
Taxi To The New Store!


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New Hairs!!!!

We have reached 500 in the DarkerSide Group!! wooooooo
so as a thank you and a halloween gift I present this hair just for you!

Taxi to DarkerSide


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Hey my loverlys.......8 new HALLOWEEN inspired hairs for your viewing pleasure!!

and a wee little halooween hunt too, find 4 little pumkins in the new stuff section of the store, they are free, so come get them, hunt ends Nov 4th

heres your taxi DarkerSide

Demonology hunt is on.....!!

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On September 4, 2009 2 comments

hello my pretties! as you do ( or dont) know the demonoloy hunt started on tuesday the 1st Sept
in my last post I put up a picture as a teaser to the prize DarkerSide was giving out, here is the full pictures

Male Prize

Female prize

upclose of female skin

I didnt get around to making a male skin (sorry boys) but I am very happy with the girl skin!!

where is the prize i her ya ask?? well my hint is


GIVE UP?? here is the answer

not to hard I might say..

hunt starts Here

get your demon on!!



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