Ctrl Shift H! Welcome to my Humble Abode!

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On January 14, 2009 0 comments

WOW 2 posts in one day!!
This is my attempt at showing you my home in SL
I saw many people doing it in other blogs and wanted to show of place, so here we go

Welcome To My Home

This is my little beach house, cute and cosy
(note the pic on the wall...that's me and my RL/SL fiance Captain)

The Outside

As I said its on the beach, many of my SL friends live on this beautiful island together, we all have different color houses! mine is blue!! hehehe oh yeah and I gots my IRELAND flag flying outside mine!!

Overhead View of Beach Houses

See we all got different colors!! up on the hill behind the beach is a secret garden (not so secret now! lol)

Secret Garden

Its full of fairy's and butterfly's and all sorts of magical things, i luvv the rainbow tho...heheh lucky Irish Leprechaun at the end of the rainbow, dressed a little magical for this pic!!

Luck Of The Irish

Hair By Magika
Clothing By Barerose
Skin by Bazy and Frick (last Pic)
Lashes By Me

Hope you like my place
Darki Out!!


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