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Posted by Darkandiel Bury On January 31, 2009 0 comments

Hullo ya'll!!
I saw this pool on Flickr
and though I give a try !!!....buuut cos I have sooooo many skins (over 300 I dare guess) I decided to split it into this first posting is the skins I got got for free or 1l!!

Click on the pic to view bigger picture

so here is the run down of where I got them!

Row 1
Bazy, Laqroki,*CBW*, Beabe, Tuli
Row 2
Deviant Kitties, Frick, 42, Meave, BlueBlood
Row 3
Rockberry, Skinsane, 42, Ti'ko, Whimsey

Hair & Lashes by DarkerSide

sorry I dont have links for ya, Apart from my own (shameless self promoition huh) so instead just type the store into your search bar you are sure to find it then

have fun and post me your replys....

Freeeeenesss @ Darkerside

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Thats right...6 count em 6 free hairs @ DarkerSide!

some of them have 6 different colors , some are glowy , some are colrchage...but all are freeeee!! well 1 linden..almost free

click pic to enlarge

come along to DarkerSide get some freeebbbs

Newness @ DarkerSide

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Hullo All!
some new goodies at Darkerside
2 new hairs!!
click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Both hairs 99L and mod/copy/no trans
and availible in black for now!

DarkerSide <--TP 2 my store!

Have fun

Ctrl Shift H! Welcome to my Humble Abode!

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WOW 2 posts in one day!!
This is my attempt at showing you my home in SL
I saw many people doing it in other blogs and wanted to show of place, so here we go

Welcome To My Home

This is my little beach house, cute and cosy
(note the pic on the wall...that's me and my RL/SL fiance Captain)

The Outside

As I said its on the beach, many of my SL friends live on this beautiful island together, we all have different color houses! mine is blue!! hehehe oh yeah and I gots my IRELAND flag flying outside mine!!

Overhead View of Beach Houses

See we all got different colors!! up on the hill behind the beach is a secret garden (not so secret now! lol)

Secret Garden

Its full of fairy's and butterfly's and all sorts of magical things, i luvv the rainbow tho...heheh lucky Irish Leprechaun at the end of the rainbow, dressed a little magical for this pic!!

Luck Of The Irish

Hair By Magika
Clothing By Barerose
Skin by Bazy and Frick (last Pic)
Lashes By Me

Hope you like my place
Darki Out!!

Whats in my Bag??

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Hey Hey!!
So reading tru many blogs lately and have seen the whats in your bag posts!
sooo without further is mine!!

Click to Enlarge!

*3 Lipsticks/gloss
*Mint Sweeties
*Deo Spray
*My Glasses (should be on my head but whatever)
*loose change (should be in my wallet)
*Fluffy Gloves
*Angel Heart Chain

and that's it!!

Thought it was much worse to be honest, but guess I'm tidier than i thought!! LOL
post your replys peeps, i wanna see your bags contents
Luv yas

New Releses @ DarkerSide

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On January 4, 2009 0 comments

Hey Gang! so what do I have thats new weeeeelll........
4 awesome Lash sets, have been a busy little bee getting the lashes I promises you finished
so what do we have,
well firstly we have... Lush

Click to Enlarge

Big Fluffy lashes, with a shape that fits the lashes perfectly, and it is modify so you can add your own touches to it

Click to enlarge

Thick lashes with big feathers, Includes a shape too

now on to my favorites the ones with jewels and stuffs on them
1st we have... Jewels

Click to Enlarge

Full lashes with little diamonds on them, 6 in the pack, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Pinky, Diamond, and Amethyst. they also come with the shape and are Mod
and then we have... Magic

Click to enlarge

Full flirty lashes with little gold or silver stars on them, also in this pack is a set of twinkle lashes that have a little bling in them to shine the stars, and a colorchange set so as you can have fun picking the color to match your outfit.

Also I revamped my store a little and have a new dollarbie available too

Click to enlarge

Also if you click the sign in my store and join my group I have a set of free lashes and the shape to match them in my past notices
Link to *DarkerSide* ----->HERE

I just keep giving huh!!

Lucky Chair Heaven....!! What a Day!

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Hey..1st post of the year, have a great 2009 everyone,
What a year 2008 was huh! but new year , new beginnings...
so firstly 2nd Jan is My RL/SL sisters birthday
so I wanna say a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sis Crestfallen,
Love you so much babe, hope you have a great birthday.
here we are..... (Crest has the black hair, I have the red hair)

Click to enlarge

Outfits from PixelDolls
Chains from Magika
Darks Hair By Magika-Lime
Crests Hair By DarkerSide-Linked
Lashes By DarkerSide-Lush

So normally I NEVER ever get my letter on a lucky chair, BUT today every store I visited today had a great big D on it!! woohoo Heaven!
So here are my wins

Click to Enlarge

First is this fab winter skin from {Frick}
Beautiful swirly patterns over the eyes, and icy blue lips,it comes in 4 shades, the one I'm wearing is Peaches

Click to Enlarge

Then I whoooshed over to Beautiful Sin Silks, and yup a big old D on the chair, I won this fab rose prim silk top with a sexy matching skirt, so wintery and wonderful, and I think the {Frick} Skin looks awesome with it

Hair by HCT-Lavonne
Lashes by Me

Then I hoofed it over to Sn@tch and won 2 dresses

Click to Enlarge

Little China Girl by Sn@tch (in 3 colors)
Hair By Magika-Rose
Skin By Bazy

Click to Enlarge

Death Flowers By Sn@tch in Black and White
Hair By Magika-Zoey
Skin by Bazy

AND THE SKIN!! 1 linden, yes 1 linden from Bazy,
It is such a beautiful present for such a low price, here is a closeup!
Lashes by Me!

Click to Enlarge

Wait...that's not all, there was a D on a chair in Crimson Shadow

Click to Enlarge

This outfit is worth 350ls! and it was been given away! TP your butts on over and get it

Skin By Bazy ^^ the freebie from above
Hair By HCT - Lavonne

So what a great start to the year! 2 days in and a truckload of pressies, what a great day for me as well as my sister.
Happy Birthday Again sweetie
Luv ya


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