New Hairs @ DarkerSide!!

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On December 17, 2008 0 comments

WOW! its been a while since i built a new hair!! Life has been crazy, just finish my week of PANTO!! being on stage all week has taken my RL away as well as my SL!! but hey!! im back!!
SOOOO ....
1st is my Winter hair called SnowFlake!
8 Ponytails with a messy bun and a big old glowy snowflake stuck on your head!!
Its colorcahge so it can be ANY color you like, and also in the pack i have included a Ice Blue, Ice purple and Ice Blue snowflakes as well as a full white one!!
All for 99l!
A red tipped version is free when you join the DarkerSide group here is a pic, and it only availible with my group!!
Also I made a Scene hair called You R Making a Scene!! 99l also with a full black hair, one with white bangs and one with pink bangs! 3 hairs!! for 99ls?? Im crazy! HUH??

There is a demo box on the wall in the store!! for free, and some other freebies!!
all suggestions on a notecard! any requests with colors also welcome!

come visit and hope ya like!!



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