Hunt and Fun @ BareRose! <3

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On December 19, 2008 0 comments

So...Barerose had a hunt (who hasn't) Sooo Being an AVID Bareroser I went along, the outfits you get are awesome!! It starts here ---> and you have some riddles to figure out!!
Click on the pics to show them bigger they is...

Black Santa
Hair By Magika-Carelass
Skin By Magika-Zoey- Makeup 3

Red Flury
Hair By Magika-Pony
Skin By Ti'Ko -Dark Doll

So then, after finding all the pressies I ventured of to Barerose VIP area!!
to my amazement it was packed!! LOL
But while I was there June Dion popped in!! Awesome! I bluttered out 'who wants to sit on the fortune chair with me'
June pops up 'I will' aannnnnd we got 100% Wooooohooo

Soo what did I win??
Some Beaaauutful Kimonos and a cool Neko outfit!
Here is the pics (click on them to see the picture bigger)

Red Sign of Bondage
Hair By Magika-Lime
Skin By Magika-Tone 3-Make-up 10

GL Aurora Kimono
Hair By Magika-Lime
Skin By Milk Motion-NNON-Light

GL Snowflake Kimono
Hair By Magika-Lime
Skin By Redgrave-Angelina-Tourquise

Arent they awesome! I Frickken LOVE Barerose!
Thanks June for all the fun I had.

Signing off for now..... see ya all real soon


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