Woot!! For Prizes!!

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On March 5, 2009 0 comments

I love getting prizes! in any way shape or form!!
and the ones I have gotten recently are truely awesome!!
1stly! I went on the TWISTED hunt and got lagged into an oblivion, so I decided to wait a few days!!

But I did TP to Twisted & Spoiled
and got these 2 luverly dresses

Finally A D popped up a lucky chair, (I think they hate that letter) but I won this Marilyn dress, luv it!! Very Sexy and Sultry!

This cutie but racy number is free and has 2 differnt skirt lenghts, long and ballet

then I Hit Dare Designss and hit the Midnight Madness board and got this awesome black outfit!!

now onto the skin...my favorite!!
I Have 2 awesome free skins to show you!!

Beautiful flawless skin, for free (maybe 1l cant remember)there are a few other gifts in store but this one is defo my fav

2nd. Nikita Fride
This unreal skin is on the lucky board @ Nikita Fride, took a loooong time to get a D but OMG it was soooo worth the wait, I love this skin, I love the tattoos, the eyeshadows, the lips, everything! TP over there and get yours!!

(hair in all photos is by Deviant Kities)

speaking of luck!! lol!! i have added a lucky board to my stores! letter changes every 10 minutes and also has numbers!!

tp on over to see if you have some good ol luck!!

DarkerSide @ Hairspray
DarkerSide@Demonic Mall

have fun and good luck


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