Happy REZ-DAY 2 me.....

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On February 24, 2009 0 comments

OMG 2 yrs have passed since I first have logged in to SL as Darkandiel Bury!!
and what a time i have had. in those 2 yrs I have met some awesome people, had lows and highs, opened a small store, bought wayyyy to many skins...lol
so here is a little look back at me!!
WARNING!!!! lol....dont laugh, some really bad noob pictures coming....

^^Fresh from Orientation Island...wow...I have changed sooo much...AHHH system hair!!

^^After hitting a freebie shop, and modding my shape...looks a litte better(only a little)

^^wooo i have stared to earn Lindens working in a club...my first dress i bought, i still have this

^^First Skin I bought..., from Deviant Kitties

^^Im obsessed with Angelina Jolie..LOL...so had to get theis Angelina Skin from Redgrave

This is me ^^ Now!!

I Just wanna say a massive thank you to all my SL friends.. Aidan, Bijoux, Captain, Chikane, Harley, Niennra, Sabina & Zamira, you guys are the reason I log on each day, to hear your crazyness and share good times with...THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being my friends , I love you all.
and to all the DarkerSide customers, ty so much also, without you I have no buisness, you mean the world to me

Darkandiel Bury


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