WOOOO...new stuff Finally and FREE lashes!

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On March 13, 2009 0 comments

At Last huh!!??
I have been uber busy in RL so has took me ages to make new styles...but at last here we go, not wasting anymore time here is my new stuff...


3 ponytails bunched into one! with a fringe and curly side pieces!


Hair is swept all to one direction and gathered in a pony at the side, secured with ties

3. Colorchage Lashes

over 60 possible colors to choose from! just click and pick, comes with a shape to fit lashes just right

4. Paddys Day Lashes

Dark green Lashes with glowy green jewels on them for 1l

so that's my new loot for the time being, I will have more soon I promise!!
hit up the TPs to try out the DEMOS

DarkerSide @ Hairspray
DarkerSide @ Demonic

Also my newest hairs are in the lucky board at both stores, one in each, try out your luc and TP over

Many Thanks


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