New goodies @ DarkerSide!

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On February 8, 2009 0 comments

Hey Gang...
I have some new hairs up in store.....
they are.....

1. Gaga

I saw a video for Lady Gagas Song pokerface and tought it was pretty damn cool, my version is only inspired by her hair in the looks so cute with a dolly dress

next we have....


A friend request...perfect demon hair, in many colors and a colorchage hair to mix and match your fav skin with

now for some valentines stuffs...


Sweetheart is a 1/2 pony with a twist and curly tendrils, and i have included in the pack 3 glowy Colorchange hearts to wear with the hair...and a pair of heart earrings..

soo come buy and pick up a demo, see what ya think all of the hairs are only 99l each!

any ideas or request are very welcome, just drop me a notcard or leave a comment

here is your taxi to DarkerSide

signing off for today


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