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Posted by Darkandiel Bury On October 20, 2010 0 comments

I have a huge amount of stuff in store so ill skip to the pictures, and tell ya about the item at the end

Curse skin - In 7 different color eyeshadows, includes hair in co-ordinting color for 50l or 250 for fatpack
Sinful Skin - same as above
Solataire lashes - full lashes, glowy and colorchange -30l
Thorn lashes - spikey lashes, colorchange - 30l
Rage lashes - long wispy lashes, colorchange - 30l
Curse hair - full and curly hair - 50l per color 200l for fatpack
Sinful hair - gothy pigtail bun hair - 50l per color 200l for fatpack

and now the fun gifty time!!!
Dollarbie - a fun all hallows skin with a cute halloween hair
Group Gift - 2 linited editions of the new skin lines in halloween colors, with a free hair
and finally a mini hunt, find 4 witches hats to make up the Zombie avatar!!!

so much to get at DarkerSide

come visit us now, try on a demo get into the halloween spirit!!
Teleport to DarkerSide
Happy halloween - Love Darky xxx


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