HorrorFest Preview Pics

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On October 15, 2010 1 comments

Horrorfest is a charity event for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, more info here on the the SophieLancaterFounation website, a sad story about a goth girl killed for being different.
My item for this worthwhile event is this hair called Horrid

each hair costs 50l or 100l for the fatpack, which is half price just for the event.
my other items at horrofest include

Crystal lsahes, they glow and have colorchanging tips! for only 30l

and 3 unique DarkerSide Skins, Jokerface, blood tears and Broken Girl, all 50l each, and each come with the hair in the picture and also the shape!!

and I have also put out a gift!!

A preview of a new skin line coming soon to DarkerSide called Curse!!
to visit the darkerSide booth @ Horrorfest click HERE

Visit the Horrorfest blog for more details and pictures of more awesome stuff on sale visit- Horrorfest Blogspot


Sui Mode said...

All looks perfect Darky...

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