4 new Hairs @ DarkerSide and 2 gifts

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On May 24, 2010 0 comments

it has been a longtime coming but finally I have some newness for ya all, so ill shut up blabing and show ya the hairs

The New Hair

The New Group Gift
Join up instore and touch poster to get it

The New Dollarbie

So come on over and get yours
Teleport to DarkerSide
Loves Darkandiel

Two Three Six Five

Posted by Darkandiel Bury On May 17, 2010 0 comments

Two Three Six Five is a glimpse into the lives of 365 different Second Life™ residents around the world throughout the course of a year, and a literary model of the way their virtual and physical selves interact.

Today is my story... see it here


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